The Tool :

Is the conductor thread that connects machines, the work, the homework and fabrication to the informatics. A tool to improve in a significant way the industrial and services efficiency, in money and time to achieve the proper execution of processes at the first try of implementation. A tool that shows and control the operations in real time in different company processes and services, enabling them to make decisions, control their presence, vehicles usage, tools, work orders, formation, quality, preventive maintenance, predictive, rotative auditing, industrial hygiene and white rooms. The industrial efficiency of services with 0 tolerance and 360° coverture.

We offer:

• Measure the actual results in relation to the plans.

• Poni weaknesses and errors to correct them.

•Diagnose of the desviation motives to adopt corrective measures.

• Avoid the repetition of desviationsthrough the creation of the process.

Tools for the Industry 4.0 Development of industrial solutions, experience in user - result. Soni Solutions is a group of acquisition applications of automatized data and centralized with visualization on a WEB appliance, with the objective to control and register the actions in the company without increasing the cost in administration and management. Always in real time without the acquisition of any person for the data collection. We accelerate the transformation of your digital company. Follow up of conditions. Follow up the state and performance of devices, machines and industrial equipment connected.

Predictive Maintenance - Management and Telematics - SAAS Technology - Assets Tracking - Management of the Supply Chain

We optimize the production and avoid the expensive interruptions and stoppages, with real-time visibility of all the value chain. Industrial Automatization. Improve the decision making with real-time visibility in fabrication and services operations.



programa app produccion

Collection - Analysis, current, temperature or standard signals. Integra - Connect with Big Data Cloud applications for storage and visualization.

programa app produccion

Analyze - Integra with Artificial Intelligence platforms to predict events, Machine status, anomaly prediction or business intelligence



We know and accept all the internet moments and technologies which has been tendency since we were born in 1997, never changing the values we communicate.

Has been our guidance when needed, interpretation, honesty, a determination in research, trust, respect, generosity and human vision. But we want you to discover that by yourself.